Gather Those Memories

Please record a video of yourself describing your memories as a Razorback. We suggest you follow an 8 question format, but if you have 2 or 3 great stories about John you wish to share you should do so. Similarly, if you don’t have a favorite workout, skip that question. In addition to the memories video, we would also like any video or pictures relevant to your specific recollections. We will edit those into your memories reel (unless you are inclined to do so yourself). When you upload supporting video or pictures, use the title and file name section to identify the connection to the memories video. We have provided a sample memories video so you can see the raw footage before it was edited into a memory reel.

Here are some questions to get you going:

  1. Introduce yourself and describe the environment when you got there.
  2. Describe the individual highlight(s)of your college career?
  3. Describe the team’s highlight performance(s)?
  4. Describe the most impressive performance you witnessed by another Razorback?
  5. Describe an unusual or crazy moment as a Razorback.
  6. Recall an interesting story about John.
  7. Describe John’s influence on you.
  8. Leave a short message for John?